Custom Home

I meant to do this on our year anniversary of moving in … so I’m going with one-year and a few months.

Nothing can or will ever express how grateful we are to you and your dedication. Everyone laughed upon learning that we were building, “Get ready for the headaches”, “Oh – you’re going to argue … “. We had such a wonderful experience that we feel sorry for those who have not met you two.

You didn’t build us a home, you created a place of love, friendship and happiness.

In this year, we have had a center to gather for pizza night with good friends where we all made our individual pizza in complete awe. He rarely leaves his home where he is comfortable. To my surprise, he asked if we could plan a birthday party at my home for my mother!

You have created much more than a house, it is truly a home. Every corner I turn, I think of your dedication and friendship.

I wish you all of the love, happiness and friendships in your home that we’ve found in ours.

Forever Grateful,
L. & B. E.